Naked massages, eating disorders as comedy, and host torture on ‘Get It Beauty’


For those uninterested in makeup, fashion, and beauty related stuff, or for those not aware of its existence, ‘Get It Beauty‘ is basically a show of … well, all those things.

Editor’s Note: Welcome the author, who will be writing about fashion and style and shit. I can’t cause I have no idea about it and people are always talking about it and I feel left out. It’s apparently important, like how the theyellowslug analyzes music video sets like he sees anything in a miss A music video other than Fei’s thighs. Also, this author has a feature where she will basically critique styles and stuff and provide another excuse for me to look at hot human beings, hopefully in skirts. We all win.

The show had former S.E.S member Eugene as the main MC before, but switched to Yo In Na last year (Jaekyung from Rainbow presented the show as well, but DSP Media can’t hold onto a contract for shit), and now former Miss Korea and Asian Renee Zellweger, Honey Lee, is the main MC along with Kim Jung Min, SISTAR‘s Soyu, and Hwan Min Young.


Starting the show off with a bang, all the girls were introduced by showing off their insane makeup and skincare collections that don’t make me jealous at all. One of the things I’m totally not jealous of is the mini-fridge they use to keep their skincare products, which is brilliant and shows T-ara levels of determination, since it preserves formulations for a longer period of time.


Makeup artist Woo Hyun Jung was introduced while Honey proceeded to explain how she manages her body’s skin in a totally non-kinky way: oil massage.


Massaging is an effective anti-aging technique, as even if it’s a five-minute massage while you’re cleansing your dirty mug, it adds on. No need to do it fully naked like her though (unless you’re into that kind of stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)).

Hyun Jung then showed us a very, very outstanding and never seen look … actually not, she gave one girl from the audience a basic as hell “pure” look.

Remember, looking pure means you don’t have to look like you WANT the D, but like you NEED it!
Remember, looking pure means you don’t look like you WANT the D, but like you NEED it!

Two things I call bullshit on:

  1. Mixing cream with sunscreen: you’re probably not wearing enough sunscreen anyways since you need a shit ton for it to be effective, and doing this means you’ll cut that amount on half. Avoid at all costs unless you’re willing to wait two hours for it to get absorbed.
  2. Using a puff AND a brush to apply powder: while using a little more powder on the outside of your face is a good idea if you’re a sweaty mess by noon, you can adjust the amount with your brush of preference. Don’t make your mornings more annoying by switching tools so much.

One tip I do agree on: avoid pressing your lips together too much because the friction will dry them out. Of course, this gave Honey an excuse to continue her kinky ways:


A dermatologist and a personal trainer then joined the show; the former to demonize caffeine, the latter mostly to troll Min Young:


Then make him moan using his thumb:


And torture him with a fascial exercise:


He looks near death.

Later on, the female MCs displayed a part of their day and their personal beauty tips on screen. First, Honey explained how she manages to keep fit in a very no-shit-Sherlock moment: she diets and exercises. But of course there’s much more to her know-how: she keeps four bottles of different infusions with her to stay away from caffeine, she keeps a humidifier in the car to avoid dry skin, and she carries a bunch of healthy snacks at all times, among other things. That shouldn’t surprise since looking good is her job, and that’s also the reason there’s no way a regular person can achieve such a level of hotness unless you have the ultimate beauty genes.


On the other hand, Jung Min showed us her skincare hoarding issues, displaying a full-sized fridge full of products that, once again, I’m really not jealous of.



Lastly, because Soyu — from SISTAR, the well-known group of dark-skinned evil iljin bitch whores — couldn’t leave Honey to be the kinky one, she enlightened us on how she takes baths during trips:


They continued by talking about diets; with Honey revealing she once starved 15 days to lose weight and how that caused her dieting partner to become partially blind for a moment.

Of course, everybody laughed, because eating disorders are HILARIOUS. And so is going blind, apparently.


As a plus, the dermatologist gave us the perfect combo to pee all day:


If you’re going to follow this advice, I recommend CL‘s adult diapers.


Obviously you want to watch ‘Get It Beauty’ now, which you can do for all the great and/or shitty tips.

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