‘Tutoring Across Generations’ writer defends Yewon against ‘witch hunt’


A writer for ‘Tutoring Across Generations‘, the show that had Lee Tae Im and Yewon snatching for each other’s wigs, recently came out in defense of Yewon and criticizing the “witch hunt”.

Recently, a writer for MBC‘s “Tutoring Across Generations” said through social media, “The witch hunt is downright chilling and scary. It’s scary that rumors that aren’t even 0.01% true are going around like crazy and I wonder if the people who are spreading it around as if it’s just gossip and a joke know what a scary thing they’re doing.”

The writer continued, “Why are they laughing about this when a normal and good kid is about to be burnt at the stake as a witch? Even I’m so frustrated and angry for her, I wonder how she is.” They added, “So many things happened, she endured so much over the entire day, she acted maturely and professionally for the whole day, the staff gave her a standing ovation, yet people who don’t even know anything are writing novels.”

They finally said, “I really don’t think this is right. This really isn’t right.”

So it’s basically established that in the leaked clip Yewon was acting like an asshole and Lee Tae Im’s reaction was over the top. Understandably though, the wave of backlash has hit Yewon because of all the lies involved and the media clusterfuck that went on. Thus, I’m not sure if ‘witch hunt’ is necessarily the right way to frame what’s going on, even if the outrage is a bit much.

That said, as a bunch of skeptical commenters here pointed out at the time the video leaked, it was interesting how the staff sided with Yewon on set immediately, and now at least one person who worked there is doing so publicly in the middle of a gigantic shitstorm knowing they’re going to get blasted for doing so.

It’s expected that MBC sided with Yewon because she’s on “We Got Married“, and her company obviously sided with her, while Dispatch just smelled blood in the water so they did less journalism and more re-enforcing of narratives. But the fact that the staff on the shoot defended her at the time and continues to defend her does make me wonder whether there was a bigger issue on set than just the leaked clip. That’s another reason I thought Lee Tae Im’s high road statement was smart, just in case she blasts Yewon and then staff like this come out and start outing other stories from that day.

We should probably hope for that potential two-way clusterfuck even if it’s a long shot, because the #TeamSchadenfreude meter would go nuts.


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