Supposed iljin thug Yuk Ji Dam says she was bullied in school


Alleged iljin thug Yuk Ji Dam said on ‘Taxi‘ that she was the one who was bullied for her skin color and then rumors of her being a bully victimized her further.

On the episode, Yook Jidam confessed that she was bullied, saying, “When I was young, my skin was on the very dark side. They looked at the color of my skin and what I looked like and would make fun of me.”

She continued, “In the public bathroom, the last stall could be locked form the outside. The other kids locked me in there and poured dirty water that they washed mops in. Then there were rumors that I was the bully and that I took money from other kids, so it was very frustrating for me.”

Previously, Yuk Ji Dam was accused of being an iljin by anonymous accounts (an actual iljin, not the Nana went to noraebangs and had a life type).

The account stated; “I’m a fellow student who graduated from the same elementary, junior, and high school as Yook Jidam. I don’t know how to express everything she’s done because I’m not good with words but not only did she drink and smoke, but she was also a part of a gang named ‘Innocent13’. The gang beat me up at a karaoke room in Shincheon. Yook Jidam would hit people for not having any money. She also swore at her teachers.”

I’ve always wondered about the possibility of these accusations having things mixed up the wrong way. How exactly DO we know that the accused in the spotlight aren’t being victimized by bullies behind these anonymous accounts? It’s extremely easy to make up stories and prove that you went to school with somebody, so I’ve always wondered why people believe all this stuff with no evidence provided.

To be clear, Yuk Ji Dam could just be making everything up now that she’s gained popularity and all that, but considering that the entire thing revolves primarily around a short story posted on the Internet, I see no reason to buy into the accusations against her either.

The point isn’t that this proves anything, I just found it interesting that a celebrity confronted the rumors and basically fired back that she was the one who was targeted.


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