Get The Look: T-ara’s “Sugar Free”, midriffs, and boyfriend jeans


In an (un)believable turn of events, “Sugar Free”, the song that started off as the EDM-type shit that I didn’t particularly enjoy, ended up being one of my favorite girl group efforts of 2014. What was never in doubt, however, was the fashion-forward styling of the group.

With the now absurd amount of groups going with the high-waist-pants-and-cropped-top combo, T-ara set their midriffs free making use of one of my favorite comebacks in terms of fashion: the boyfriend jeans.


Boyfriend jeans are meant to fit nicely on your hips but are very loose everywhere else — they’re supposed to look like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans, duh, but I wouldn’t know. Most people have settled for the skinny jeans and refuse to leave their comfort zone, but the boyfriend cut can easily add variation to your closet while giving your crotch a rest.

In T-ara’s case, abdomen exposure is no inconvenience given their fair reputation of being a hot group of people, but if you’re not as confident in regards of your torso, you can always opt for a simple tank top, even with some nice back exposure if that’s how you roll.


Like I mentioned, the stars here are the ripped jeans and the abs cropped tops, but both would make a rather dull outfit without the accessories. The golden jewelry is meant to add some softness to an otherwise “rough” look; my personal preference would be a nice necklace with some rings, maybe some knuckle rings if you’re not a clumsy fuck like me that will end up cutting everything around Edward Scissorhands style.

When choosing shoes and a bag you can take one of two ways: either go for printed shoes with a simple clutch or a printed clutch with flat-colored shoes. Here you can go crazy with the combinations as long as everything else is pretty subdued.


Hyomin‘s outfit adds an extra point with a jacket. Again, you can add part of your own personality here. I put a baseball jacket as an example because they’re everywhere right now and I personally love them, but the type is up to you. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t be something too structural that could clash with the jeans.

For the accessories, T-ara’s coordis wisely opted for more delicate shoes in gold and some cuffs; I think the lace type would look particularly good.


In terms of makeup, look, there are tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube everywhere for T-ara’s look (or any group, really), though I think most of them use nude lipsticks instead of the awesome reddish brown both Hyomin and Jiyeon sported during some of the live performances.

Remember that this is stage makeup, so if you go for the lipstick you may want to tone down your eyeliner a bit. Or the other way around. But you like the lipstick more. Because I say so.




Most importantly, if you try all this and you end up still looking like shit, blame T-ara for being so glorious, not me.

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