FLOWER make a ballad (and PV) I actually love in “Blue Sky Blue”


FLOWER typically leaves me disappointed when they do soft and fluffy songs because it neither involves an interesting song nor the cool, artistic dancing that impresses the hell out of me, but “Blue Sky Blue” was a track along the fluffy lines that even I have to admit I enjoyed a lot.

The music video is beautiful, the members are beautiful, and the song is the type of quasi-ballad I can get with because it builds to something and also has the execution to back it up.


The choreography sequences weren’t the focus on this track, but the choreo still does seem to consistently work better when the people who have to perform it are the ones who created it to begin with. They do the type of dance that could look boring and terrible if executed poorly or if it lacks expression, but they manage to pull it off every time (even if sometimes it doesn’t match the song as well as I’d like).


FLOWER, and LDH in general, aren’t underrated in Japan by any stretch of the imagination (arguably overexposed), but internationally they don’t seem to get as many props as I feel they deserve. Yes, Japan’s stupidity towards piracy plays a part, but put it this way, if this group/company WERE in K-pop, they’d probably be sack-ridden to high heaven overseas, so the fact that they’re still sort of to the fringes in comparison is a bit disappointing.


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