Sandaime J Soul Brothers do ‘Mad Max’ for “STORM RIDERS” PV, which features Slash


While Momoiro Clover Z and KISS released sort of an awkward collaboration, Sandaime J Soul Brothers teamed up with Slash for “STORM RIDERS“, which featured the uptempo ‘Mad Max‘-esque music video the rock-inspired pop song deserved.

This music video is why I tend to like EXILE sub-units or solo efforts better than their group efforts, because there’s a lot more focus on individuals and smaller groups of humans, and the production quality is generally put into something that at least looks cool like this does. On the flip side, EXILE tend to have flashes of individual brilliance in their music videos, but it’s often punted to the side in favor of (admittedly necessary) wide group shots that usually kill the momentum and really make everything seem more like a band than anything intimate I can connect with.

As a song, I enjoyed the rock tinge to it, and Slash’s contribution made sense on this track and wasn’t just thrown in there for the hell of it. And that’s how it should be, because otherwise why get him to begin with, right?

Either way, with a ‘Mad Max’ movie coming out soon … I can’t not give this concept props.


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