SNSD’s “Catch Me If You Can” MVs (Korean & Japanese) are what we expected for better or worse


I generally try to avoid posting about teasers because they have a tendency to be misleading (learned from Perfume teasers, especially), but SNSD‘s “Catch Me If You Cansong and music video previews were too bad and too good to ignore. And unfortunately/fortunately, at least the Korean version of the music video is exactly what we expected.

Actually, the song is honestly worse than I expected to an extent, because I thought the preview HAD to have been the worst part of the song. Nope, because the verses are rather boring, the chorus has almost complete vocal silence while EDM plays in the background, and the pre-chorus is this light and fluffy affair while they dance in a rock quarry or some shit. This has to be the worst single SNSD have released and I fucking hated “Hoot“.


Mother of god they look hot in those outfits and the choreography isn’t as terrible as it was in “Mr. Mr.“, which is an automatic plus. Yuri gained weight and hopefully stopped with the carboxy shots and looks as hot as ever, though my complaint would be Seohyun being comparatively anonymous even though she’s now truly the flawless robot we all wanted her to be.

Really, I just wish they could’ve combined something listenable with this glorious concept.



Here’s the Japanese version of the music video, which doesn’t change my opinion.

It’s actually in 720p if you want to click on this link.


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