[Update] Lee Hongki dating rumor with model Shinozaki Ai; says they’re “just friends”


F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki was reported to be dating Japanese gravure model Shinozaki Ai for six months now, and FNC Entertainment is now “checking on it”.

On April 10, FNC Entertainment told Newsen, “We saw the reports saying that Lee Hong Gi was dating Japanese gravure model, Shinozaki Ai, but we haven′t confirmed with him yet.”

“Lee Hong is currently in the middle of filming KBS′ Music Bank. After checking with him, we will make an official statement.”

This is a bit out of nowhere, but Hongki does have a lot of connections and friends in Japan, so maybe they run in the same circles there. And he did also end up “marrying” Japanese actress Fujii Mina for the global version of “We Got Married“.

But do you really need an explanation for his interest in Shinozaki Ai anyway?



No, the answer is no.



Hongki claims they’re just friends.

On April 10, FNC Entertaiment told enews, “After checking with Lee Hong Gi, it turns out that they′re just friends. They′re not dating.”

“Lee Hong Gi has promoted in Japan with FT Island for a very long time. During this time, we believe he got to know Shinozaki Ai through a local friend.”



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