Rapper KASPER takes you through ‘K-Pop 101’, including idol auditions & relationships


KASPER is a rapper and member of hip-hop group Play The Siren, but she’s also Korean-American (quarter Japanese), and was previously a YouTuber (she’s tight with Kisum as well), which makes her uniquely equipped to communicate with international fans.

In any case, she makes videos for WISHTrendTV, and one of the newest series she’s doing is called ‘K-Pop 101‘, which is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, anybody could do these types of videos, but KASPER is in the music industry in Korea and has unique insight into idol life (her company Baljunso is an SM Entertainment subsidiary), which is why I found these videos interesting.

Also, she’s super cute and a complete spaz.


Idols & Hip-Hop

Idol Relationships

Private Auditions

Public Auditions


The main thing you should take away from this is that she’s adorable.

Seriously though, the audition stuff in particular was interesting.


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