San E responds to B-Free diss on “On Top Of Your Head” featuring Kim Gura’s kid


San E dropped a short version of his music video for the pre-release track “On Top Of Your Head” with Kim Gura‘s son, MC GREE. Probably most notably though, he responds to a diss from B-Free.

1) Christ, what the fuck is San E doing with his flow? He got out-rapped on his own track by Kim Gura’s kid who has four months of training or some shit.

2) The song is … I don’t like it. San E has lost his goddamn mind since Bumkey caught a case, maybe he needs the drugs back or something.

3) Shit song aside, I enjoyed the reply to B-Free’s “My Team“. Basically, B-Free called him a “retard rap loser” and said San E talks shit about others but denies it. So San E is saying that if he was going to call B-Free out he would do so by saying his name like he did on this song, then he mentions B-Free’s song “Hot Summer” and says people only know that title to be an f(x) track.

B-Free will probably throw another tantrum on Instagram to show how he’s like totally real hip-hop.


Seriously though, B-Free is talented with some quality songs, but dude is such a tryhard sometimes all the time.


A commenter has added further background on the diss situation:

Actually it started with San E releasing a song called “Show You The Money” and people were calling him out for supposedly dissing Illionaire Records and Beenzino (he talked about plagiarism and sampling, right after Beenzino’s ‘scandal’ with “Dali Van Picasso”, used the “YGGR” beat, and he also responded to Beenzino’s question in “YGGR” of “whose idea was it to rap for popular idols’ choruses” by answering that it was him).

San E released a statement saying he was NOT dissing Beenzino or anything of the likes.

*Makes Popcorn*


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