‘Winter Sonata’ is going to get a sequel, and the casting selections are gonna be fun


Winter Sonata‘, the drama that arguably launched Hallyu and definitely shot Bae Yong Joon to superstardom (as well as Choi Ji Woo to a lesser extent), is getting a sequel. Why? I’m not sure exactly, but does it really matter?

In any case, they’re on the right track so far, as they’re bringing back the original director, producer, and writers from the 2002 series.

Chief Park Young Suk of ‘Winter Sonata’s production company, Pen Entertainment, divulged on April 14, “We will be producing ‘Winter Sonata 2.’ We will gather a lot of the staff members, such as the writer and director, of the first one once again for a second one.”

Writers Yoon Eun Kyung and Kim Eun Hee and Producer Yoon Suk Ho of ‘Winter Sonata’ from 2002 will be reuniting for a sequel thirteen years after! Currently, the two writers have proposed an idea for the storyline and are writing the synopsis, which should be out around next month.

Chief park said in an interview with Yonhap News, “We started planned the sequel a long time ago. We had tentatively wanted to create the sequel ten years after the first one aired, and we think the time is now.”

‘Winter Sonata’ was the second installment of a four-drama series — ‘Autumn In My Heart‘ (2000), ‘Winter Sonata’ (2002), ‘Summer Scent‘ (2003), ‘Spring Waltz‘ (2006) — by Yoon Seok Ho, which was based on the four seasons. Thus the decision for a direct sequel is a bit odd, though for popularity reasons, I guess the only shocking thing is that this wasn’t done sooner.

As far as the casting goes, they haven’t mentioned anything about it being a direct sequel with the same actors/actresses, so can you imagine the hand-wringing over casting for this shit? Think it’s bad now? I hope they cast Suzy, YoonA, Nana, Minho, T.O.P, and Rain or something.

Collect them glorious tears.


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