Song Ga Yeon wants contract with E&M terminated, agency outs her relationship


MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon is in a dispute with her agency E&M over her contract, and the fighter is demanding that it be terminated. The agency responded to the situation, and in the process accused her of not fulfilling her duties and outing a relationship she’s been having with a fellow fighter.

E&M has stated to the press, “Athlete Song Ga Yeon has hired an attorney, claimed that the agency has treated her unfairly, and demanded that her exclusive contract with the agency be cancelled this past April 6th.”

E&M argued against these claims, saying, “Through the agency head employees’ devoted support and efforts, Song Ga Yeon, who has little martial arts experience, was able to promote as a star on a famous program prior to her ROAD FC debut.” They continued, “As it follows, the situation in which Song Ga Yeon refuses to talk and simply says via official documents that she wants to terminate the contract is disconcerting and regrettable.”

E&M further refuted Song Ga Yeon’s claim that the agency failed to supply her with the education she needed to improve her ability as an athlete, saying, “Song Ga Yeon received training when she was commissioned to one of Korea’s top MMA teams, Team ONE.” They argued, “Rather, athlete Song Ga Yeon did not carry out all her obligations to the agency heads. While her official team was in training, Song Ga Yeon was absent dozens of times, being oblivious to a fundamental duty of being an athlete. Since she was 19 years old, she consistently had abnormal relations with a specific athlete from the team under our agency and, because of this, she was unable to separate her work life and private and requested special treatment.” They said, “Currently, athlete Song Ga Yeon is avoiding contact with her former agency employees and is refusing to attend her filming appointments and schedules, causing huge damage to the agency. She has to know that she is clearly neglecting her duties listed in the exclusive contract.”

E&M concluded their rebuttal with, “The fact that the now 20-year-old Song Ga Yeon is making the extreme choice to cancel her contract is not something arbitrary. Despite all the conflicts we’ve had in the past, we understand the emotional suffering Song Ga Yeon must have endured and have an intention to talk things out with her.”

This is more of a news post than for giving everybody some kind of HOT TAEK!!! or something, because what’s going on here hasn’t even been really fleshed out yet.

However, I would say that outing her dating a fellow athlete (unless I’m reading “abnormal relations” wrong) was clearly just an attempt to damage her image, and a lot of the “absences” that the company is talking about would easily be explained by the fact that she had a stalker threaten to chainsaw her to death and went into therapy for it.


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