[Update] ‘Dimples Girl’ from ‘Koreans React’ has Instagram & YouTube


So most of us love the ‘Koreans React‘ series here*, and the one standout for most of you guys was the person you deemed ‘Dimples Girl‘ (Senny Park) for obvious reasons. Well, a commenter recently let me know that she has an Instagram account which you can find here.

*Defunct for now because the guy who did the series is going to Japan to study.



So yeah, now we can follow our favorite e-celeb.

And yes, I do feel sort of weird about it because she’s technically just a citizen, but on the other hand, everything’s public and she was previously on a TV show before the ‘Koreans React’ thing. Also, it’s like a fanclub here, not like for bashing or whatever else.

Anyway, don’t be like weird about it if you ask her stuff, but I’ve always wondered what they thought about doing the series and if they know how popular it grew in such a short period.


Update 1

Forget what I said about feeling weird, she’s also on YouTube.


Update 2

We have been discovered.


Update 3

She commented below.


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