Yubin keeps your Wonder Girls reunion dream alive, lives with Yenny, Hyelim, Sunmi


Jeff Benjamin of Billboard scored an exclusive interview with Yubin of the Wonder Girls, and while you can/should read the full thing here, one section in particular can fuel the Wonder Girls reunion dreams.

Billboard: Speaking of your JYP label mates, have you spoke with your Wonder Girl band mates? Do you guys all keep in touch still?

Yubin: Actually, we are living together.

Billboard: Oh really?

Yubin: Yenny, Lim and Sunmi — we are living together, so I actually saw them like 10 minutes ago [Laughs.] I see them everyday. Sohee, she visits the apartment a lot. She actually came over three days ago and I see her often as well. Also, Sun, we talk all the time through the phone because she’s not in Korea. But we all stay in touch.

Everybody has basically written them off since Sohee left the company/group and Sunye went to like spread Jesus or whatever, but they apparently all keep in contact and Sunmi lives with three of the current members. So six of the seven members keep in touch for sure, then pair that with Sunmi and HyunA still keeping close … I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

Praying for all seven on a special stage.


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