Ladies’ Code’s manager could get no time in jail after appeals court ruling


The manager behind the wheel during the accident that took the lives of Ladies’ Code members EunB and Rise had his sentence decided upon by an appeals court yesterday. The prosecutors demanded he serve a longer sentence of two years and six months, but the court announced that they would suspend his original sentence of one year and two months for a period of two years. So as long as he stays out of trouble in the mean time, he will never go to prison. Additionally, he must serve 160 hours of community service and take 40 hours of driving classes.

The judge stated, “While there is a need for punishment that corresponds to the mental pain endured by the families of the deceased and the other victims, the bereaved families reached an agreement with the defendant and are hoping for leniency for the defendant. Considering the large sum deposited by the defendant and his hard work in order to help the victims’ families recover from the harm, the sentence originally given is somewhat harsh. As the deaths of two people and the harm done to the other four are serious results, we additionally ordered community service and law-abiding driving courses.”

I’ve supported a reduced sentence on the basis that he seemed like a scapegoat for the real issues at hand in this case, plus the families have supported him, so this seems like a reasonable punishment and ruling.

I understand the view that he deserves some jail time given that his actions ultimately resulted in the deaths of two people, but the manager isn’t some hard criminal or danger to society, so the stipulations in the sentence all make sense.


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