Song Ga Yeon acquaintance speaks out and criticizes E&M’s tactics


Song Ga Yeon recently filed a lawsuit against her agency E&M, and in the midst of defending themselves to the public, E&M also revealed that SGY was in a relationship. In reaction to that, an acquaintance went on SBS‘s ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment‘ to criticize the leaking of that information.

“For the agency to write that [the relationship] was ‘abnormal’ is severe of them. I don’t know why they would write that kind of thing,” criticizing E&M for their cryptic wording. The acquaintance continued, “Ga Yeon is young so why the heck would you write she had an ‘abnormal relationship’? They wrote that to make people guess at their meaning.”

Yeah, seemed obvious that the wording of all this and the statement itself is geared towards damaging her image more than winning any case.

Also, it appears the “abnormal” part of the relationship reveal is a bit more contentious than I presumed before, but I suppose it doesn’t matter much since the acquaintance basically denies that wording.


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