Ninomiya Kazunari tells fan asking about vacationing with members that Arashi is only for work


Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari was recently asked one of those typical idol fan questions about which member they’re closest with, and he told her that they definitely wouldn’t go on break/vacation with each other and they only see each other for work.

Ninomiya was asked by a fan, “If you were asked to go out during a break with one of the members of Arashi, who would you go with and what would you want to do with them?”

Ninomiya answered, “No, I would definitely not do that. Hmmm. That wouldn’t be a break, if it were someone from Arashi. It’s like that. If I met one of Arashi during my break, one of the people from work, that would be work.”

He also said [paraphrased] “I am told ‘The members of Arashi get along good,’ but where do you get that point from, I wonder. It’s because, when we are working, it looks like we get along. But when we aren’t working, and when work is over….Well, the truth is we only meet when there is something really important.”


Of course, this isn’t as awesome as if somebody from like EXO said it, because Arashi never really promoted will some “WE ARE ONE” brotherhood/family shit. Thus the reactions to this were relatively sane and people said that if anything he was downplaying how well they got along.

Either way, an honest answer is always the most entertaining to read about, and their success proves you don’t NEED to lead people down the road of delusion (Johnny’s fans will do it themselves).


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