EXP is coming for Chad Future’s crown, fans pissed for various reasons


EXP is a K-pop boy band from New York City that involves no Korean members. Why? Because it’s a thesis project.

Most importantly, they are purposefully ripping off EXO‘s stuff, which is pissing people off.




Yadda yadda yadda.


Me? I’m not even sure what this is, exactly. I read the thesis and it’s still kind of an odd deal. Like does she actually expect to get genuine results and/or experience from this in terms of useful feedback and information on fandoms and shit? It only works that way if nobody knows this is an experiment to begin with. It’s like studying how people react to surprises and then telling people that a surprise is coming in the next 10 minutes. What’s the point? I think this COULD have been an interesting idea, but it’s been ruined from the start now. They could still learn about what it takes to produce a group, I suppose, but in terms of everything else, nothing you get from people throughout the course of this process will be genuine anymore.

Furthermore, what is there to study, really? K-pop groups really don’t do a lot different than Western boy bands. All those masculinity observations about K-pop boy bands apply in the West as well, and they generally appeal to the same demo for that exact reason (Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, One Direction, Justin Bieber, etc). The researchers say that in Korea all the masculinity stuff gets excused away because there’s commercial appeal and fans are already pot committed, but it’s the same shit in the West.



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