Lay talks workshop and bromance with Luhan, hate parade/conspiracies continue


I brought up before that Lay (and Tao) are weirdly getting a lot of shit in Korea from at least a decent segment of EXO-Ls, and that continues after Lay gave an interview in which he talks about wanting to work in China, getting his workshop from SM Entertainment, and saying Luhan is his bro (5:15).

Hate on him only for the facts. The facts are that he did not attend EXO’s 2nd album music show promotions in Korea and their fan meeting but did attend Japan’s fan meeting.

(Fan comment: He wished Luhan a happy birthday, what more needs to be said? EXO fans, wake up.)

1. [+216, -31] Fu*k, I’m disgusted, this pisses me the f*ck off
2. [+185, -4] It honestly made me uncomfortable not having him perform with the group on music shows… this album isn’t even a mini-album but a full album and all because of his Chinese movie filming; is his main career a singer or an actor? If he’s first and foremost a singer, he should only go into acting after his schedules as a singer are completed. He’s sat out on music show promos to Korean fan meets… it’d be easier to count the times he’s been on stage than not. I try to shield this but it’s hard to when he attends everything overseas while missing everything in Korea ㅋㅋㅋ I just hope he’s not bringing harm to the members..
3. [+144, -37] Didn’t think Lay fans were around here but now that his scandal’s blowing up, they’re all popping out ㅋㅋㅋ Goosebumps… ㅋㅋㅋ

I don’t really have a side to this in terms of whether he leaves or stays or whatever, but I did think the reaction to the workshop news was idiotic because everything made sense for both parties. What I don’t get though, is this logic where fans fear Lay and Tao will leave so now they will hate on them to the extent that they want them out of the group already or to where they will make them quit.

In any case, what I really really really need is for a Korean member to try and nullify his contract.


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