Kwanghee named “Infinity Challenge” 6th man, people pissed cause … he’s Yewon?


Kwanghee recently got picked as the sixth man for “Infinity Challenege“, which is “whatever” for me, but a lot of people have been extremely negative about this possibility in the days leading up to the selection because of the circumstances of Jang Dong Min‘s exit. Thus the reaction after this announcement has been about what you would expect.

Petitions against Kwangee’s joining of the crew are even being held through Daum’s Agora. A petition under the name “We are against Kwanghee, who is from the same managing agency as Yewon, as the sixth member of ‘Infinity Challenge” gained 2,428 signatures by the morning of April 19.

The reasoning behind this petition is, “Yewon is shamelessly appearing on TV, despite the fact she deceived everyone and never sincerely apologized. While her managing agency is doing nothing to resolve the situation, isn’t Kwanghee’s character obvious if he is also a part of this agency?”

Logical as always.

Remember guys, Kwanghee is a terrible person because he’s from the same agency as Yewon, who is a terrible person because she was disrespectful to a senior. Thus, we’re gonna be pissed about Jong Dong Min being eliminated because he said a bunch of fucked up shit about women, which is far better.

Kwanghee will probably suck because he’s not that funny (IMO), but if the only dirt you have on somebody is that he must be an asshole because his company is shit and he’s inthe same company as somebody else who is shit, that’s when you know you’re reaching.


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