[Update] Tao has “agreed” to leave EXO, say reports + Tao to make statement soon


Tao has “agreed” with his father and will leave EXO, according to a recent report by Kuki News.

Take this with a grain of salt in terms of it being any more or less “official” than the last news item, because I’m quite sure this is just the Sina interview being reported in Korea, but the part in the Sina interview about Tao’s “filial piety” was apparently regarding why Tao is agreeing to leave the group.


In an exclusive interview with Sina, Tao’s father told the Chinese media that, “Tao has agreed to leave EXO, his treatment is going to be priority and everything else is up to Tao to decide.”

So yeah, according to Tao’s dad, Tao is done with EXO and SM Entertainment, and now we basically just wait for confirmation of this from Tao through a statement.



Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming gave an update of sorts on Tao’s rumors, saying that Tao told him he would update us on his status through a statement soon.

During a press conference for the movie “My Sunshine” on April 22, Huang Xiaoming revealed, “Tao told me that he will be putting out a statement tonight.”

When asked, “Did you already know about EXO Tao’s withdrawal from the group?” Huang Xiaoming replied, “Actually, I saw an article about it before and asked Tao whether it was true. Tao told me it was false. However, today, Tao told me, ‘I may be making a statement tonight’ and told me to know that.” Also, when asked whether he knew about Tao’s recent conditions, he said, “He’s probably getting treatment in Qingdao.”


As for EXO, they’re carrying out schedules as planned.


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