SM C&C producer tweets about Lay leaving after Tao, deletes Twitter


EXO fans found that a producer for SM C&C (he apparently manages appearances in China) tweeted that Tao is indeed leaving and that Lay will follow close behind.


The translation isn’t perfect, as he’s more making a prediction about Lay following Tao than saying outright it will happen, but it’s still interesting to have any insight into what people within the company are thinking.

Of course, with EXO, I don’t dismiss any ridiculousness, it’s just that it’s worth noting that this is likely just an employee expressing personal feelings or thoughts, then realizing they’ve made a huge mistake and trashing everything. It’s probably not somebody so hooked up that they know ahead of time what’s going to be happening within SM Entertainment, though he would probably have more of an informed guess than we would.

In any case, this does put Lay in an awfully awkward position, and the speculation is only going to grow louder and louder until Lay probably does leave out of annoyance if nothing else.



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