Zico shades the hell out of Rap Monster, Bobby, and basically every other idol rapper


In the latest issue of GQ Korea, Block B‘s Zico threw a thunderstorm of shade at just about every other idol rapper out there, especially the two other most prominent at the moment, Rap Monster and Bobby.

“I’m above concern about prejudices because I’m an idol. When idol members from time to time release hip-hop songs, they talk in an ‘I’m an idol, so what’ kind of way. But I think that if it’s real hip hop, they will be acknowledged even if they don’t talk like that,” Zico says.


Considering that basically every idol rapper who wants to go legit has at least a few songs that address this topic, it’s honestly as direct as shade can get.

Holding out hope for that idol rap battle yet.


Zico also says that he’s focused on being an acclaimed producer more than just wanting to be known as a rap star, which basically means that he actually wants to make real money in the industry.



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