[Update] EXO manager fined for assaulting fan, and now he’s on the Battle Royale pic


Since it’s Korean law that not a week can go by without some kind of dramatic EXO news, it was revealed that their manager was fined around $1000 for assaulting a fan at the airport.

EXO were on their way back from Nanjing when the incident took place.

While moving with members of EXO in the parking lot of the airport, he hit the back of B’s head with his hand. B strained her neck and gained bruises when her head subsequently hit her camera. The hospital estimated two weeks for her injuries to fully heal.

Now there’s technically no room in the EXO Battle Royale picture for this dude, but I’m just saying that an exception can be made if necessary while we wait for Tao to cry out a window long enough that the media can report on his status.

*Cough* G-Buster *Cough*





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