WINNER’s Mino named the victor of reality show ‘Show Me The Money 4’


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Popular Mnet reality show ‘Show Me The Money 4’ has crowned WINNER’s Mino of YG Entertainment as its champion in an April 27 press release.

A representative from Mnet talked about the result, “Mino applied to be a contestant the same as any other, and we judged him as if he was any other rapper … whose company had promised us riches beyond our wildest dreams.”

Mino captivated the judges and the audience with his clever lyrics throughout the competition, and his final performance was a sight to behold as he dazzled with his lyrics, “Naega naega naega naega naega naega whoa.”

YGE CEO Yang Hyun Suk commented, “We did this previously with Bobby and B.I on ‘Show Me The Money 3’ where they got a lot further than they deserved, and Bobby even won, so Mino’s victory wasn’t a surprise to us at all.” He continued, “Unfortunately, Bobby exposed himself as a joke shortly after his win, and he even became a meme to international netizens on one trash site in particular. That was an outcome that embarrassed us greatly, so we’re hoping Mino does a much better job of maintaining his reputation after all the money we invested into this result.”

Episodes of ‘Show Me The Money 4: Mino’s Push For Hep-Hap Credibility” will begin in June.


(H/T: Soompi)


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