Cheetah shows us the step-by-step process of creating her iconic look on ‘Get It Beauty’


With the boom of ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ virtually everywhere, it was only a matter of time before one the rappers of the show appeared on the ‘Talking Mirror’ segment of ‘Get It Beauty‘, where stars literally talk to a mirror about their beauty and makeup regimes.

Cheetah was definitely my favorite of the bunch, mainly because she has a defined style; plus she made Zico look like a dork, thus turning into my personal heroine. Apparently every Korean female that has watched ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ feels the same way based on her presentation only:



You can feel the love.

The rapper appeared in front of the mirror looking like her usual awesome self, and then proceeded to give the biggest demonstration of bravery: appearing barefaced.


And OF COURSE she has a big ass carousel of makeup with her lip products arranged by color.



Fuck the people on this show making me not jealous of all that stuff I don’t want.

Kim Eun Young — her real name and how she calls herself when browless — starts her makeup with her eyebrows because she knows they’re fucking important.


Cheetah mentions she draws them with an arch because of her face shape (round but with a strong jaw). I consider this to be highly subjective: even though her “tough” image can only get better from brows with such a shape, one with a similar bone structure could actually pull off straight(er) eyebrows if wanted; but a minimal amount of arch is necessary to keep you from looking derp-y.


My only complaint, if we could call it that, is the fact that she uses an eyebrow gel color that is way too light. I’ve seen this a ton with Korean makeup where MUAs fill/shape the eyebrows to completely mess it up on the gel stage. You can tell in the before and after pictures that her natural eyebrow color matched her hair/skin tone better.


If you think about Cheetah you probably think of badass cat eyeliner and red lips. To achieve the first, she uses two eyeliners: a marker type one with a very skinny felt tip to put down the general shape, and a gel liner to fill in the blanks, which also doubles as a pseudo ad for the Banila Co Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner that also appeared earlier in the same episode. Subtle.


And because Cheetah is cool like that, she does her eyeliner with one hand in her pocket.



She also applied a pair of thick falsies and gave proof of her humanity by showing she has insecurities. Relatable!



For the eyeshadow, she made a gradient from the wing of her eyeliner to the inner part of her eye. This would only look this clean if you have very thin double lids or monolids. If you have a thick double lid, you should carry your eyeliner wing (and the shadow) a little higher than what you would normally do, so that the gradient will be somewhat visible when your eyes are opened.

Also, because she’s a supreme goddess and feels sorry for us mortals, Cheetah unveiled her ultimate makeup secret: a cotton swab! (Really).


My favorite part of Cheetah’s style is that it’s bold. I can’t tell you how frustrating it can be, with Korea’s love for a “natural look”, to never find someone that uses a red lipstick as a FREAKING RED LIPSTICK instead of gradating it to nothingness or blotting it until it turns into a pale pink.

I mean, ‘Get It Beauty’ literally had a full goddamn episode on “using things you bought but don’t actually wear” and all the advice can be summed up as “if it’s too bold, find a way to make it, well, not bold!”

Fuck off.


Rant aside, nothing says ‘well fuck you world’ like a red lip. To achieve a perfect finish, Cheetah exfoliates right before application, using a balm and a cotton swab (you can notice a trend here).


For a sleek look, she applies a lip pencil first then the lipstick. She used her favorite, MAC’s Russian Red (here’s some drugstore dupes for you) with a lip brush. Right after, she makes sure nothing gets on her teeth with the finger technique (heh).



The finished, flawless product:


As a symbol of gratitude (!) for attending the show, the mirror (!!) gave her a lifetime supply of cotton swabs (!!!).





Watch the whole episode here and catch Soyu and Honey Lee sharing outfits.

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