Former SKE48 member Kito Momona set to make porn debut as Mikami Yua


Kito Momona was an SKE48 member that once made out with Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS and caused a gleeful clusterfuck. And now for MUTEKI she’ll be getting fucked under her porn name Mikami Yua in her AV debut, called “Princess Peach“, according to FRIDAY.

Kito Momona was in SKE48 from 2009-14, and when she graduated, she said, “It is with a sense of loneliness that I bid farewell to the other members, but I have decided to get on with doing other things.”

I think this qualifies as an “other thing”, and given her standing while she was in SKE48, I’m sure the change is a welcome one in the sense that at least now she’ll actually have a career in entertainment that makes her money.

The AV releases on June 1, and if you want to see the back cover or want to order, feel free.






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