Momoiro Clover Z in “Z No Chikai” is like a poor man’s BABYMETAL and Crayon Pop


Oh boy, here we go.

This is shitter BABYMETAL metal and without Nakamoto Suzuka‘s voice.

Now Momoiro Clover Z has a dedicated fanbase that, like a lot of J-pop fans nowadays, get hyper-defensive, so perhaps I’m already setting myself up for the whining here just with the BABYMETAL mention, but let’s take it a step further and say “Z No Chikai” is another awesome and cool concept from them with a meh song and their usual heh visuals. And yes, I’m sure Crayon Pop will shamelessly steal something similar soon, and Momoiro Clover Z fans will whine about it like it’s not awesome, but Crayon Pop’s song will be catchier and the girls will be cuter, thus making it an improvement overall. All that while Crayon Pop have an actual poor man’s budget in comparison.

Get shit on.




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