Artsy Fartsy: A closer look at the “Loser” & “Bae Bae” MVs, which are maybe connected



This going to be a slightly informal Artsy Fartsy, but I wanted to have a closer look at music videos of “Loser” and “Bae Bae“, even though both musically are vaguely mediocre for Big Bang. While I wholeheartedly agree with the reviews of IATFB and theyellowslug, what has struck me is that for all their crazy ramblings, some fans theories haven’t considered that the music videos coincide.

Surprisingly, it makes a lot of sense if one proposes the theory that the music videos are a part of the same world and same timeline, and also if you draw a parallel to the movie ‘Trainspotting‘. Like c’mon, the music videos came out on the same day, and from the looks of things, Big Bang’s promotion style this time is similar to something Marina And The Diamonds or Iamamiwhoami have been doing for many years now, and both of those musicians see their careers as overarching projects.


So … let’s get to this theory.


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T.O.P’s narrative is probably the best one to use as my first example. In “Loser”, T.O.P seems like a clean freak — he touches the female extra with gloves, his room is like a kill room from ‘Dexter‘, and when she touches him, he doesn’t like it at all. He doesn’t want you near his shit, basically. But then the next time we see T.O.P, he has blood all over him and he’s distraught.

So what if that emptiness/that gap between the two scenes was what they showed in “Bae Bae”? His personality in “Bae Bae” is the complete opposite from that in “Loser”, as he’s just generally going nuts and enjoying himself, basically. Then there’s that white fluid sequence that was definitely innuendo (Iamamiwhoami did a similar thing for a MV), so when that high finishes (and when he FINISHES), it’s bad news for that female extra and also bad news for T.O.P’s psyche.

Now remember how everybody said that the “Bae Bae” music video seemed like one gigantic drug-induced trip? The connection almost works too well in this instance.


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Daesung is finding solitude within his surroundings, because the poor guy is getting beat daily. Being alone is preferable to his current reality, so why wouldn’t his fantasy land be a place of solitude away from it all?

I should also point out that at this juncture that I don’t see the women extras as a sexual influence. As I was saying before, to me, the women could be a drug influence/reference, as the whole plot point reminds me of ‘Trainspotting’ in that sense.

Like, oh, for instance, Seungri’s girl could be a representation of weed or Xanax or alcohol or whatever floats your boat.


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Seungri is obsession and paranoia. He’s looking from afar at a couple in “Loser” and destroys his ex’s current boyfriend’s wing mirror — dangerous. When in “Bae Bae”, he is almost cradled and being subdued, like an infant, which is his comfort zone. Then go back to “Loser”, where later he is physically expressing his obsessiveness towards his female extra.

It’s a mental state of paranoia, and the “woman” is what helps him take the edge off and forget.


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G-Dragon has riches but he’s lonely despite all that, which makes him a major emo. He’s looking for a way out of that loneliness, and what do rich people do when looking for a way out? Fun time, which takes him to the “Bae Bae” setting with his swag swag swag persona, and it leads to him connecting with a female stone angel deity thing … until he starts to come down and he’s back to reality, rolling around on the ground in misery.

The cycle would then repeat itself.


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Taeyang‘s story is a bit harder to figure, but it appears that he’s a religious man in “Loser”, but is fighting temptation and is isolating himself as a result. This seems slightly more obvious when “Sin Will Find You” is written out for everybody, and he escapes that in his trip by becoming a comically hyper-masculine male from those cheesy romance novels looking like a wannabe Asian Fabio. And what does he do? He hauls around this attractive woman, his temptation and burden, on a steed.

At the end though, he’s still alone, now physically suffering from the isolation as temptation eats at him.


So … thoughts on this theory? Can any of you fill in the storylines any better? Can holes be easily poked into this?

Either way, I figure if you’re gonna come with one of these music video theories, it should at least be interesting, right?

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