#OperationOpenWindow: Tao crying on Instagram, makes another confusing Weibo post


Our favorite weeper Tao of EXO (?) was at it again after earlier crying at his fanmeet, because he then posted a picture on Instagram of him crying at said fanmeet along with another non-statement.

Everyone, thank you for being with me. I am so thankful for those who believe in me and I love you. I love you so much. Thank you.

Then Tao went back to work on Weibo a little while ago, getting more cryptic.


On May 3rd, Tao updated the introduction on his Weibo to, “I cherish the memories of the past very much, but I look forward to the future even more.”

I know, I know, everybody is like “oh man, I feel bad for him already”, but then he keeps doing shit like this and it’s impossible not to see him as the K-pop version of Drake with all the weeping and overly dramatic emotional softness.

#OperationOpenWindow is now at two cryptic Weibo messages, a cryptic Instagram message, and a cryptic public appearance. And that’s not even mentioning the mess with his dad that started this whole thing.



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