#OperationOpenWindow: Tao removes ‘EXO’ from Instagram, changes Weibo, is the best


Tao, the master troll of EXO and EXO-L everywhere, has done another thing, this time updating his Instagram by removing ‘EXO’ from his profile.


A fucking hero.



Also, remember when he updated his Weibo with a cryptic message? Well he also changed his location and background picture to stuff that disassociates himself with EXO.

On May 3, Tao made a few changes to various sections of his Weibo account. In his introduction section, the location changed from “Overseas” to “Qingdao,” and the background photo was changed from EXO’s fanclub light stick to a photo of a lone figure (appearing to be Tao) looking into the horizon.

Tao … I just wanna say that I love you and now I hope you drag this out until the heat death of the universe.



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