Kim Hyun Joong’s ex suing him and netizens; KHJ going to the army soon


Kim Hyun Joong‘s ex-girlfriend and soon-to-be baby mama is going off on everybody, legally speaking at least. She’s suing both netizens and Kim Hyun Joong for damages, with all of this coming before Kim Hyun Joong enters the military to boot.

While her lawyers have announced that she is filing charges, they say they cannot yet comment on the charges themselves. However, it has been reported that they have requested that over a hundred netizens be investigated by the police.

Her lawyers announced on May 4 that they were filing the charges because the insults and libel that were directed towards her and her unborn child were “beyond the level of common sense.”

On May 4, Kim Hyun Joong‘s legal representative, Lee Jae Man, stated, “Earlier last month Ms. Choi sued Kim Hyun Joong for damages through the Seoul Central District Court.” Ms. Choi has sued for the amount of 1.6 billion won (1.48 million USD), claiming her pregnancy and psychological harm from her relationship with Kim Hyun Joong. Lee Jae Man commented, “We will respond after seeing how it pans out.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s management agency, Keyeast, commented on the situation, “The news about the suit is true. We have to talk to the legal representative.”

You know how I feel about suing people over words already. Do I feel sorry for them if they get their world wrecked for the bullshit they spew? No. But do I think it’s right they are getting sued over some random shit they said on the Internet? No.

As far as Kim Hyun Joong goes, for all I care she can bankrupt him. I’m not sure how feasible her case is, legally, but it should be interesting since she’s suing the father of her unborn kid … who just happens to be heading for the army like next week.

Just recently, local media source Dispatch reported that Kim Hyun Joong will be entering the military to completed his mandated service on May 12.

According to Dispatch, Kim Hyun Joong will no longer be able to ask for deferment. His last petition was submitted in April to ask for time to arrange his household affairs. Currently his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child and is due in September.

This is gonna drag out until AT LEAST September.


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