Sandaime J Soul Brothers drop a surprise gem of a MV for “J.S.B.DREAM”


Sandaime J Soul Brothers surprisingly dropped a music video for “J.S.B.DREAM” recently, and it’s a surprise because the track is a B-side from their “STORM RIDERS” single, which seemed to carry a big budget music video itself. So what was the point of releasing a PV for a B-side? Because it’s basically an introduction to their new clothing line, J.S.B., which they wear in the video.

I enjoyed both the song and music video for “STORM RIDERS”, and surprisingly I enjoyed this as well. Granted, if the entire song was the instrumental during the breakdown bits, I would’ve found it annoying as hell, but they used those parts relatively sparingly and refrained from spitting horrible raps over it, so it just served as a fine excuse to dance a bit more than anything else.

The vocals were predictably on point, and the hook was surprisingly memorable, even though I didn’t think it would be on first listen. Plus, the whole look of the music video, from the styling to the sets to the production stood out in an understated way, if that makes sense. However, while I understand that the concept is supposed to be dark, at times I don’t think it would’ve hurt to include a bit of color somewhere and also illuminate the set a bit more, especially since it’s basically a long advertisement for a brand and not meant to be so dark and brooding.

Overall, more than anything else, it was easier to buy into the whole shtick because they actually look like adults.


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