Model Kim Min Sun shocks on ‘I Can See Your Voice’, sings with Ailee


On a recent episode of Mnet‘s ‘I Can See Your Voice‘, model Kim Min Sun shocked and starred by belting out “Singing Got Better” alongside Ailee.

The show itself goes like this:

EXPLANATION OF SHOW FORMAT: I Can See Your Voice is a new format variety show that invites a mix of people who both aren’t able to sing and those who can’t. Professional singers will then try and deduce who can sing and who can’t based on several hints given to them as well as their looks. People who aren’t singers but are chosen will win 10 million won ($9,163 USD), but those who are singers will win the chance to release a digital single with the artist.

So Kim Min Sun now gets to release a digital single with Ailee, which is an amazing deal for a person with aspirations in music.

Oh yeah, and a little tiny other detail to mention is that Kim Min Sun is the frontwoman of indie band Yellow Chip.


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