Crazy BTS fan threatens Netizen Buzz in vid, proves why sites don’t listen to feedback


Remember that stupid controversy yesterday after BTS won on a music show? Remember how Netizen Buzz translated what was going on with that in Korea? Remember how said article was completely fair and was made just to aware international netizens of what was being said overseas?

Well one member of the BTS fandom was incensed enough at NB to create this creepy Anonymous-esque video for her.

Person took it down, presumably out of embarrassment. Good thing I anticipated this and saved it so you can all bear witness to the shit site admins get sent.

And that, my friends, is why site admins (me included) generally dismiss a lot of feedback unless it’s coming from somebody whose opinion they actually value. Because no matter how logical a critique of a site you believe you’re making, the site admin will generally always be initially dismissive because you’re likely the only sane person they’ve dealt with that day out of the dozens (even hundreds) of e-mails, tweets, and comments.

Going back to the person who made this video, good lord what an amazingly delusional fucknozzle. It’s also deliciously ironic that she made a list of things for NB to do, when the creator of the video could’ve just read that shit into a mirror instead and solved problems for everybody.

Anyway, this isn’t even a rare thing (fans doing crazy shit), but given the events that have been happening recently, it seemed like a good time to address the topic.


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