EXID make light of TMZ incident on SNL Korea + YG has RACIST act committed against him


EXID hosted Saturday Night Live Korea recently, and Junghwa had a bit of fun with the TMZ scandal.


The meat of it comes when Junghwa “auditions”…

Junghwa, in the role of silly girl Baek Chi Mi said, “I want to be in your girl group. First, I want to enter America. Second, I want to enter New York. Third, I want to enter U.S.A!” causing laughs. Jung Sang Hoon said, “It’s Baek Chi Mi, Baek Chi Mi. She seems so stupid. Let’s sign the contract right away. How do you feel?” Junghwa replied with a smile, “I’m so happy!”

…and the lesson was:

The other members immediately started mocking her accent and laughing. Jung Sang Hoon replied, “She said it well. Why are you laughing? How much better are you guys?” getting cheers from the audience.


Smart decision to play this off for laughs in Korea, as that’s a much better plan than EXID’s company trying to get TMZ to give a shit or showing you’re unfamiliar with American laws by trying to sue them.


Most importantly, I can’t believe Korea would be so RACIST by imitating YG‘s voice and speech patterns for comedic effect. I was informed by enlightened international netizens that doing such things qualify as racism, so what about his feelings?! The YG imitation was just DISGUSTING, as it was offensive to swag hep-hap tryhards everywhere.

Where is the justice?


On a slightly more serious note, and I find this even more amusing after people got their chance to breathlessly defend a moron, but for the people out there still trying to justify that TMZ staffer being a dipshit, apparently the same staffer said this about Asians last year:

“But you know what? My roommate is Asian. She is full blown Chinese. And she openly talks about how she is a bad driver. And she does blame it on her genetics because of her eyes. It’s not something that’s a bad thing if you — you know, maybe someone can be born with a big nose and you can’t turn all the way…”


God, how glorious. Can’t wait for the mental gymnastics now.


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