10-year-old girl who wrote poem about killing mom says adults are idiots, is still the best


The emo queen/death metal frontwoman 10-year-old girl that wrote the poem about killing and eating her mother gave an interview recently, telling everybody that it was just a poem, so please go away.

On May 11, A had an interview with Joongang Ilbo to give her own thoughts on this issue. She said, “Is it wrong of children to have scarier thoughts than adults? A poem is just a poem, but I think adults, who are accepting this as truth, find it very cruel.”

Translation: “Geez mom, it’s just a goddamn poem, you’re blowing it out of proportion!!! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!


She saw it as I did, which was just a poem to express herself, and she’s basically talking down to adults in her statement, like, “Oh yeah, of course the adults are reading it like I was for real or something, so I see how those peons can find it mean. Psh.”

Unfortunately, she’s reconsidering whether she wants to write poetry.

When asked about her thoughts on the publication company’s retrieval and disposal of the book of poems, A stated, “At first, I was not that happy, but now I’m okay. However, I do not know if I’ll keep writing poems in the future.”


She’s not even mad, but she just doesn’t want to deal with all your bullshit anymore and you just lost the future leader of Korean BABYMETAL.



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