No Min Woo says he’s suing now due to his career being secretly disrupted


Many people were left wondering about the timing of No Min Woo‘s lawsuit against SM Entertainment, so today he explained the rationale, which revolved around interference with his activities and a behind-the-scenes broadcast blacklisting.

On May 11, a representative of MJ Dreamsys told Ilgan Sports, “As soon as No Min Woo entered his second year of middle school, SM Entertainment tried to sign him. Although he wasn’t planning to sign, [SM] convinced him and eventually signed the contract. However, [the agency] never once properly played out their role as a management. When [No Min Woo] questioned why they weren’t doing their job properly, they neglected him even more. All this time, No Min Woo’s mother, who is currently the CEO of his agency, helped him with his activities on her own. Even more, people from SM would come to the broadcast station and cause a disruption in the midst of filming. They behaved in a way that goes beyond all reasonable bounds, which has led to this [lawsuit].”

The singer-actor’s legal representation also shared, “No Min Woo was unable to appear on broadcast due to [SM’s] silent pressure. There were times when his casting had been confirmed, but was suddenly cancelled.”

As for the reason he has decided to belatedly take action now, No Min Woo’s attorney explained, “No Min Woo and his mother have been contemplating the lawsuit since a year ago, but after seeing this series of events, they made the decision to go through with it.”

So it’s not so much what happened in the past, but what happened after he left and what they feel is still continuing to happen.

As with many other things that happen under wraps though, I’m not sure how or what will come of this considering that it was much more blatant with artists like JYJ, and in effect nothing has really changed since then either.

Personally, I’m still most interested in whether the courts end up ruling on whether he can claim damages for stuff that happened to him while he was under SME years ago.


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