BoA’s “Kiss My Lips” is amazing if she means the other lips


BoA has graced us with her return with “Kiss My Lips“, and my enjoyment of it is dependent on what exactly the message of the song is.

She looks great and the song is solid, smooth R&B, which is fine, but nothing I can get really excited about, at least not like I was for “Only One” or “The Shadow“. Put it this way, make the speed on the video 1.25 and the song instantly improves.

That said, I understand the slower, sensual version of it if you interpret the lyrics the right way.

The more you move, the more I wanna go to you,
The more my heart gets moist.

Heart getting moist, huh?

You know you want to come,
My heart your lips,
The more you ignore me, the more it’ll rise, don’t forget.

My heart, your lips … moist heart. Ohhh.

Baby come and kiss my lips,
Don’t delay it anymore, don’t hold it in even when you know, it’s not hard,
Or else don’t even look at me,
Baby, I’m starting to hate you, feels like you’re playing around, ohhh.

Queen BoA demands that you get the munchies, basically.

If that’s it, then everything becomes awesome, because BoA just had her NextToo Close” moment.


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Thot Leader™