Taeyeon’s antis are seriously losing it at this point


SNSD and Taeyeon have always had antis, but recently, especially since the one-two punch of Taeyeon dating EXO‘s Baekhyun and Jessica‘s scorched earth departure, Taeyeon antis have been reaching for absolutely fucking anything to whine about.

Most of it comes from Pann and Instiz, which are fan based and where there are a lot of fangirls … like EXO fangirls, perhaps. In any case, they are stalking her for sly fox comments, making her tummy a hot topic, terrorizing her over an EXO concert she didn’t go to, accusing her of faking trauma over falling through a stage trap door, mocking her about melting nostrils, and finally they just recently got on her for snarking (probably) about Sunny‘s birthday.


Sunny: There are still two days left but my family #SM celebrated beforehand, thank you so, so much~ The strawberry cake is jjang delicious. I’ll be opening the wine later ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #515happysunnyday
Taeyeon: Hul all of SM’s staff, definitely niece Sunkyu *clap*


Like I’ve personally never understood the Taeyeon hype, and I thought #KimchiSneakyBitch was a hilarious hashtag for buttmad Baekhyun/Jessica fans to use unironically, but mother of god, give it a rest.

Maybe she is an ultra bitch, I dunno … which is the point. None of the shit here proves anything or shows anything other than the fact that she makes snarky jokes, which is only a plus, really. I can relate.





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