Henry being an unabashed pervert over Yewon starting to catch up to him


So as you well know by now after his ‘Roommatepanty hunting debacle, Henry is somewhat of a pervert. And after he took a massive shit on his initial meeting with Yewon on ‘We Got Married‘, he’s been getting increasingly handsy with her, finally just trying to literally put his mouth between her legs on a recent episode.

During their broadcast this week, Henry played a close and intimate game of basketball with Yewon, sitting her on his shoulders so that she could make a basket. However, what caught fans’ attention was the interesting kiss during their game. While Yewon was seated on Henry’s shoulders, the Super Junior-M member turned his head and kissed Yewon on her thigh, eliciting mixed reviews from netizens as some thought it cute while others felt it crossed the line.

I mean, I know it’s for television, but it would all be less awkward if Yewon could do anything about it at this point. She can’t, of course, given that this might be her last gig for … well … maybe forever, and thus the ante keeps getting upped by Henry.

In any case, it’s surely time for Yewon to put a hidden camera above wherever he panties are stored, cause god knows Henry is gonna be coming for them.


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