Hani showcases vocals, drops hot raps, imitates Hyeri, is on drugs for ‘My Little Television’


Hani is a new broadcast jockey on ‘My Little Television‘, and boy she made her debut glorious by doing everything from singing to rapping to imitations. Also, is anybody pee testing her for drugs? I’m just asking.


Hani covered Pipi Band‘s “Strawberry” and might need to seek help.

Here’s Hani high on so much reefer:

Hani also covered Shonetelle‘s “Impossible” with her guitar…

…rapped Yoon Mi Rae‘s “Black Happiness” (sort of awkward)…

…and sung Dean Martin‘s “Sway“…

…and played The Beatles‘ “Yesterday” on a clarinet (?).

Hani also started punching shit in workout clothes…

…which was after she stripped out of them on camera.

But most importantly, she impersonated Hyeri‘s famous aegyo and did gwiyomi.

But not without a mighty phlegm snort laugh.

The best.


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