“Shattered”, “Green Light”, “Clockwork” highlight BoA’s ‘Kiss My Lips’ album


While I’m one of BoA‘s biggest fans and have been for like over a dozen years now, I wasn’t much of a fan of the new direction she took with the title track off her recent ‘Kiss My Lips‘ album. Some assumed my biggest disagreement was that I don’t like R&B slow jams (despite growing up in the 90s), but it’s just that I don’t think her voice is really suited to go in that direction. When I heard “Kiss My Lips” at random on a local Korean radio station, the instrumental of the track was better than my initial impression, but I still don’t feel like her vocals mesh at all with the overall tone.

Thankfully though, her whole album didn’t go in that direction, and the rest of it was peppered with quality tracks that reflect a new maturity but also kept a sound more consistent with her talents. In particular, “Shattered“, “Green Light“, and “Clockwork” were highlights for me.




These tracks are the type of songs that showcase her evolution, and while they range from upbeat to serious, they all have a poppy sound in common, one that her voice is tailored for. I felt like all three were much better efforts than the chosen title track, and after listening to the whole album, there’s a renewed confidence that if she’s going in this direction with her career it’ll end up with more good than bad.

Take a listen to the whole album here:


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