SHINee return with the infectious “View” & party with chicks and stuff in MV


After taking more than a two-year vacation from releasing anything in Korea, SHINee is back, and they’re back with gloriousness in “View“.

Simply put, “View” is a jam and it’s something I can envision getting a ton of play from me over the rest of the year. It sounds like something M-Flo would’ve released during their ‘M-Flo Loves‘ era, which was an absolutely flawless section of their career, except SHINee replaced the rapping with sections heavy in strong vocal runs.

In a twist, the verses were the star here and SHINee’s smooth execution was more than enough to declare this a winner before the chorus even hit. That said, the hook plays its role by being memorable but downplayed in terms of volume, and that helps everything that surrounds it stand out. Given the repetitive nature of the chorus, the bridge and changes of pace were absolutely necessary to add the oomph the song needed and to make sure nothing got too repetitive to the point of hurting the replay value.

While “View” isn’t loud, louder, and loudest, it keeps your attention through shifts of pace, being infectiously foot-tapping, and having one hell of an instrumental. And it might not even be the best track on the ‘Odd‘ album (will get to this later).


The music video itself is … ODDly disappointing. Either that or I’m just missing the subliminal messages here, but I’m pretty sure the entire point is partying with random chicks around town while high as fuck on drugs running through a forest and shit. I understand that it matches the overall tone of the song, but from SHINee I’m expecting some shit where like Minho gets pegged by the women and Key is an S&M dungeon master or something, you know?

Either way, the song makes up for the surprisingly standard music video.


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