Get The Look: Orange Caramel’s “Catallena”, or: The redemption of The Polka Dots


I am of the thought that challenging yourself is necessary for personal growth, so from time to time I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone, and this includes my wardrobe. And, believe me, there’s nothing further away from comfort to me than the realm of “cute”.


It’s only natural that, trying to compensate, I’ve become a sucker for cute-aegyo-oppaimgoingdown concepts, and Orange Caramel became my supreme overlord for all things colorful and bubbly.

Of the subunit’s 17236237 releases in 2014, “Catallena” was my favorite, simply because it managed to redeem polka dots, a print I’ve never found appealing at all.


Polka dots were one of the main trends during the 60s appearing on anything ranging from dresses to accessories, even underwear. Now they’re usually associated with kids’ clothing and popular characters like Hello Kitty. While Orange Caramel’s take on this popular print doesn’t go too far away from them, it was different enough to catch my eye.


Of course, this is a very loose interpretation of Lizzy’s look, but this is as cute as I can get. I do encourage people to express their cuteness by wearing ribbons if that’s what they fancy, but maybe stop a bit short of putting a mini-fern and radioactive butterfly on your head.

First of all, you can definitely match two pieces with the same print, but you shouldn’t go full potato, so keep it smart: pick one main piece and then an accessory; just make sure the size of the dots and/or the spacing between them vary so it won’t look like you’re wearing a uniform.

Secondly, you don’t have to wear a crop top if you don’t like it, but I chose one because I miss summer and fuck all of you in the northern hemisphere.


Lastly, because the print is your main focus, you should keep your accessories simple and, like the girls throughout the video, your hair up; pearl earrings or rings matching perfectly with the whole feel of the look. I also consider strict color coordination unnecessary, but using shades of the same color is a must to call your outfit Orange Caramel inspired.

Onto the makeup, Pony puts it nicely here for you to choose how far to go. I think everything up to the second layer of lashes is pretty wearable, but then again it depends on your predisposition to care how many fucks you give about your face in the morning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m against light eyebrows that disappear on your face, but I must admit they actually fit in here; because it’s such a dolly look, you should go for a mascara that gives you the appearance of having a million lashes, like the Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara (it’s actually been discontinued in my country #ThirdWorldProblems).


I also found someone selling a similar dress to the ones Orange Caramel wore for the promo pics of this comeback:



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