“Love Sick” & “Odd Eye” highlight the rest of SHINee’s ‘Odd’ album


As I alluded to in my article about SHINee‘s “View, despite how much I enjoyed that track, I was surprised to learn it wasn’t even the best song on the ‘Odd‘ album. “Love Sick” and “Odd Eye” were my two choices for best efforts on the release, which is saying something considering the praise I gave “View”.



“Love Sick” is just a catchy summer jam that could work anywhere in the world if it was recorded in the native language. Some might dock points because it feels vaguely like something you may have heard before (like Craig David?), but for me that’s just a bonus in a throwback way … just with a modern twist added. “Odd Eye” is arguably even better depending on your taste, and when I talked about setting a tone or mood vocally for synthy R&B, this is what I meant and it’s what SHINee achieved where I think BoA fell a bit short on her title track.

You can listen to the whole album here:


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