Clara tells investigators that Polaris CEO followed her into bathrooms


In case you missed everything since it’s been a while between updates, Clara and Polaris Entertainment CEO Lee Gyu Tae have lawsuits against each other, with Clara suing for termination of contract and Lee Gyu Tae bringing criminal charges of blackmail (includes Clara’s father).

Clara’s released evidence of the supposed inappropriate behavior towards her that led to a contract termination request was unhelpful to say the least, and most of what could be deemed inappropriate was initiated by her. In response to that PR disaster, she said more can’t be revealed because her phone fell into the water, which only increased skepticism regarding her claims. Now it is being reported that during the course of the investigation, Clara said that Lee Gyu Tae would treat her like his significant other and would follow her into bathrooms and such.

According to a televised report aired on May 20, Clara said, “Lee Gyu Tae treated me like his woman” and “CEO Lee not only took me out to restaurants at the finest hotels but also bought me a purse from French luxury brand Hermès. Moreover, CEO Lee scared me when he followed me into a restroom at the business center of an elite hotel. I told my father Lee Seung Gyu about this and decided to demand the termination of my exclusive contract.”

Like with a lot of the other stuff Clara’s come out with, I’m not sure what to make of it. The only thing we know for sure is that she was the one initiating most of the flirty conversations in the texts, and if Lee Gyu Tae was propositioning her it would certainly be fucked up if it was unwelcome, but as of now there’s nothing to corroborate any of what she’s said here.

Either way, Lee Gyu Tae has a lot more important things to worry about right now.


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