N.Flying and their rap-rock-funk band thing is at least something different


If we’re being honest, I was intending on ignoring N.Flying or just doing a Deep Reviews article on them just based on their name alone, but after I hit play I was rather surprised that I wasn’t getting some typical nugu boy band debut, but some kind of combo of rap, rock, and funk. I guess that makes sense since it’s FNC Entertainment, but still, given that Rainbow‘s Jaekyung‘s brother is in the group, I expected “Awesome” to be a straight-up idol boy band release.

Thankfully, it wasn’t.

I can sort of dig the Linkin Park-esque fusion attempt going on here, because if nothing else it is different from the usual K-pop fare. Aside from the generalities about their concept, I did really liked the general sound of this, but I thought it could’ve been executed a better. They’re not really rappers or anything, so the sound of it in the verses was good enough for me, and I actually liked the chorus … at least the first two or three times. However, because it lacked a lot of build, that sort of killed the replay value a bit. Given how diverse the song was to begin with, they could’ve easily played up one element of the track to improve the bridge or something to help give it a last push, but they didn’t.

Still, it’s a solid debut effort that keeps you on your toes with the diversity of sounds, plus the interesting concept gives me something to pay attention to in the future. At least, you know, besides Seolhyun and the fact that Jaekyung implores me to support.


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