SME announces lawsuit against Luhan and 2 companies that used him for endorsements


SM Entertainment announced that they have filed a lawsuit against Luhan and two companies that used him to endorse their products. They included Kris in the statement for good measure, basically as a warning to Chinese companies to stay off them, I guess.

“As the agency of EXO members Luhan and Kris (Wu Yifan), we have filed a lawsuit against Luhan and the two Chinese company who have used Luhan as their product models. Our legal action was conducted through the Chinese court and adheres to contract infringement. It was officially accepted on May 18th through Beijing People’s Court. The contracts between SM and Luhan as well as Kris are effective until the court makes their final verdict on the matter and need to be kept. Any profitable action including advertisement modelling and taking part in the filming of a movie clearly goes against the contract, and we plan to have those involved take responsibility for their actions.”

I’m not a lawyer, but what I am is a #TeamSchadenfreude member, so I hope at least one of those two companies is Baidu or something like that, and not some small potatoes pen manufacturer or whatever the shit Luhan has been endorsing since he left SME.

I desperately need SME to go after Adidas for using Kris in a recent campaign, also for them to sue all the Chinese movie companies using Kris and Luhan in their films. Please. I already have a vault full of popcorn kernels and I’m ready to dive in like Scrooge McDuck.


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