CL’s teaser for “Doctor Pepper” was released and it was pretty terrible, sigh


Alright, alright. So CL released a teaser for “Doctor Pepper“, which is not her single but is a collab with OG Maco, Riff Raff, and Diplo … and it basically sucked.

I dunno anymore.

With CL’s rap skills, this is begrudgingly the right way to go with an attempt since this doesn’t take as much talent as it does image, performance qualities, and yoloswag69420 aura, but it’s still disappointing. Maybe the rest of the song redeems the effort, but with Riff Raff and OG Maco on the track, and the chorus already terrible, I’m gonna bet on probably not.

To date, I’ve been more cautiously optimistic about CL’s American debut than most of you savages here, mainly because they’ve gone around checking all the boxes of promotion that I would’ve gone with in this endeavor. They’ve gone different routes, unlike BoA or the Wonder Girls or Utada Hikaru or whoever, which objectively I saw as a positive change for a crossover attempt. Perhaps that was confirmation bias on my own part though, as they were doing things the way I would’ve hypothetically approached it, thus I guess I convinced myself it would lead to better results. And yet, here we are.

Then again, I think Iggy Azalea (“FIRST THINGS FIRST I’M THE RLLLSSSTTTTT!”) and a whole host of others make terrible rap music as well, but they’re still popular for whatever godforsaken reason, so anything is possible. Right?

No? Alright, I may have been wrong, go fuck yourselves and this never happened.


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